This is a slightly different history to the world we know.

Having been appointed propaganda minister at the age of 14, the genius girl Geri Goeppels, together with her private secretaries Rolly and Flute, is up to all sorts of secret maneuvers.

In Episode 1 they have a conflict with France regarding the broadcast of propaganda.

In Episode 2 competes with America in propaganda animation.

In Episode 3 is a story about Nazis UFOs.

Genius! Nazi Girl GoePPels-chan Q&A

Q:It's not GoePPels, it's GoeBBels.
A:The "PP" is deliberate.

Q: Isn't this project evil?
A: If movies like "Iron Sky" or "Look Who's Back" are OK, I'd like to know why "GoePPels-chan" is bad.

Q: Is "GoePPels-chan" a warlike game?
A: No. Which is to say it's a "World which is on the brink of war" game.
It's a bit of a spoiler, but if you make choices that lead to war, you'll get the bad end.

Q: Is this a game that ridicules the Nazis?
A: The aim was for something like Chaplin's "The Great Dictator"

Q: Will the story be continued?
A: At the current time there are 3 Episodes released (in Japanese). If we gain enough support, we'll continue making the English translation.
 The author has not given up on "GoePPels-chan" episode 4,
which has been on hiatus for a long time, and hopes to bring you new news in 2023.